|| What is Inside-Out Strong ||
Be strong and courageous...Do not be afraid - Joshua 1:9

Do you know a girl who lacks self-esteem, a healthy body image or just needs a clear understanding of how to take care of herself inside and out?

Is she beautiful, but doesn't know it yet?  Are you a Mother who is confused with how
 to lead your daughter well; in a healthy way?  

If you said yes to the questions above, Inside-out strong mentorship program can help you and your girls.  

We link arms with mothers of teen girls who desire to see their girls become all that God created them to be.  We build up hearts, minds and bodies of teen girls in a healthy way by strengthening them, encouraging them and challenging them to be awesome.  

Since the teen years are such an influential time in a girl's life and who they surround themselves with is so important in forming their experiences, we can't take chances on just hoping they are influenced by great teachers, coaches and friends.   Inside-Out Strong mentorship program is designed for the girls to be led by other healthy women passionate about seeing girls become all they were created to be!  Learn more about who we are... 

||   Who we are  ||
Rise up; this matter is in your hands.  We will support you, so take courage and do it.  
-Ezra 10:4

Our team of leaders is compiled of former athletes, curent mothers, teachers, coaches, instructors and influencers.  Our programs are designed to guide girls in knowing who they are, strengthening who they are, inside and out, so they are ready to lead and serve others.

We do believe a mother is the biggest influencer in their daughters life.  They might not be the only one to make an impact, but they are the most important and influential one.
We also want moms to be strong and healthy so they can lead their daughters well, but sometimes our daughters need an outside mentor or influencer to help them navigate this life.   Out of the desire to see girls rise up and be as strong as they were created to be, the Inside-Out Strong Mentorship Program was born.  Meet our leaders...  

Sarah Schall

Creator and Leader

Sarah is a former athlete, teacher and coach, but her most important job is being a strong mom to 4 kids (2 girls/2 boys) She loves tween and teen girls...hormones and all!

Melanie Brown

Leader with Inside-Out Strong

Melanie is a strong mother to 2 boys and a trustworthy friend.  She loves to invite people in her home, but be prepared to walk out sore...she's an in-home personal trainer!

Jennie Wise

Leader with Inside-Out Strong

Jennie is our warrior princess, a graceful fighter!  She's a strong leader who loves her daughter and all things yoga!  Watch out, she'll stretch you...inside and out!

||  What we do ||

We offer 4 week mentorship programs for tween and teen girls.  We answer a few typical questions below for you...

Who are the mentorship programs for?

Any girl who is looking to discover who she is, strengthen who she is, inside and out and is ready to lead those around her.  
- Middle School girls- ages 10-14 
- High School girls- ages 15-19

How do the mentorship sessions run?

We meet virtually (zoom chat) for 4 weeks, The girls pull up their computer or tablet from the comfort of wherever they choose and join in for our 1 hour session each week. One leader teaches the full 4 week program.  There may be a guest leader during the sessions.

Will you have contact besides 1x/week virtual calls?

Yes...we send the group daily texts to motivate, support and encourage them through this program. (Group Me app)

How long is the mentorship program?

The mentorship is 4 weeks.  We have 1 group call each week for 1 hour...usually on Sunday nights.  We know girls are busy, so we try to be efficient with your time.  The High School edition has a 4 week 2.0 program that the girls can join in after 1.0 is completed. The 2.0 edition is an extra $75.  Learn more here.

What topics do you cover?

Inside strong focuses on: identity, core values, roles and responsibility, choices, perseverance, healthy risk, body image, mindset, meditation/prayer

Outside Strong focuses on:
nutrtion principles, healthy food choices, workout ideas, 8 Body-weight workouts, workout calendar, tracking system, 3 week meal plans provided 

How much is the mentorship program?


What is included in my cost?

 - Four 1 hour live sessions
 - E-workbook
 - Hard copy of workbook
 - Full workout program and
    training calendar to follow
 - 3 week meal plan from Eat the Choclate. - created for busy Moms with recipes and grocery lists included. 

Is there a spiritual component?

We do include scripture in some lessons and our leaders share their own spiritual journeys and testimonies of how God has impacted their life. 

Do the Mom's participate?

We hold a separate 30 min call so the Moms to learn about the meal plan provided...being that you are most likely the cooks for the family.  The mothers are welcome to participate in the Middle School mentorship program as well.

Where do you meet 1x a week?

In the comfort of your own home!  No travel time requried!

What are the workouts like?

We have supplied the girls with 8 different body-weight workouts and teach them correct form, technique, execution and tracking when building their physical strength.   Most of the workouts require about 20-30 min.  We teach them about frequency, intensity and also variety.  We give them a training calendar and assign some Mother-daughter workouts!

Do you offer a referral program?

We sure do!  For every friend who you refer and who joins in a session, we will send you $15 as a thank you for sharing the opportunity!

||   Session Options   ||

We offer sessions for tween and teen girls.  We take 4 weeks to mentor them with our Inside-Out Strong program that discusses principles and values that will help them discover who they are, how to take care of themselves, inside and out and become the leaders this world needs them to be.  They will leave this program with a refreshed self-awareness, identity, confidence, knowledge and a spirit of gentle strength.

Middle School Session
August 2016

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High School Session
August 2016

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E-course for Moms and their girls
Fall 2016

Coming Soon

||  Testimonies from strong Girls and their Mothers ||

  • What Moms and their Strong girls say about Inside-Out Strong mentorship program:
  • "The positive influence and reinforcement is what interested me in your program." - Mom of strong girl
  • "I think it opened her eyes some to the fact that now is the time to really start becoming accountable for herself and the choices she makes."  - Mom of Strong girl
  • "I discovered that I am stronger than I thought I was.  Learning how to be positive really benefits me." - BM
  • "I loved the exercise of discovering my identity...I learned I'm confident, independent and wild.  This program helped me see that." - MR

  • "I knew it was the perfect program when my daughter was already set up each Sunday night without having to be reminded!  This program was something she wanted to do and looked forward to. - Mom of stong girl
  • "My favorite lessons were on passion and purpose.  It really made me look at my life and ask myself, "Am I really living the way I want to?"  Are the things I'm doing now really what I want to do? - EW
  • "I loved the meal plans you provided.  They were so appropriate and easy to follow.  Having these things in writing is super helpful to a Mom on the go!"- Mom of strong girl
  • "The course made me think about my gifts and what I have to offer the world.  I actually realized what I'm good at." - AS